Sunday, March 15, 2009

Because You Can't Spell LOSER Without OS: B**V*RS To The CBI

The inaugural College Basketball Invitational had some decent teams in its 16 TEAM FIELD last year to be sure, but I don't know anybody who actually managed to watch even one game last year. And just as occasionally once in a while a team with a losing record manages to make the NCAA Tournament, it might seem inevitable that a such a team would be found in the CBI after the NIT makes its picks. Last season the CBI had the Cincinnati Bearcats, who finished the regular season with a 13-17 record, although that was in an admittedly strong Big East conference.

Can't quite figure out what the attraction is for that team across the valley, who have no wins against ranked teams and just one against a Pac-10 team playing in the NCAA, which would be USC in the opening weekend of league play this year. I'm quite certain that none of my coworkers will be overly bragging about being selected to play in this year's tourney, so at least I'll be spared that. And if the shoe were on the other foot, I know that I wouldn't be thrilled backing into a tourney like that with a losing record playing bad basketball.

Here, then, is to a good tournament with the lesser teams being quickly vanquished, and hopefully for some more recognition for the tournament and its sponsors; we've all got to earn a dollar these days.


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